Spiral chute

Spiral chute

Spiral chute is the highly efficient equipment for gravity separation, which has advanced technology both at home and abroad. It is suitable for separating 0.3--0.02 mm size fine minerals such as iron ore, titanium ore, chrome ore, pyrite, zircon, monazite, rutile, phosphorus ore, tungsten, tin, phosphorus B ore, niobium, tantalum ore as well as other non-ferrous metals, rare metals and non-metallic minerals with proportion differences.


Spiral chute combines the characteristics of spiral separator, spiral chute, shaking table and centrifugal separator. It is the best equipment of mining and beneficiation machines, especially, used in the placer mining of waterfront, river, sand beach and creek road. Its structure is reasonable. Its installation is simple. It occupies less areas, it is easy to operate it.  Its advantages are light in weight, moisture proof, and anti-rust, corrosive proof and no noise; properly suitable for different feeding particle sizes and grades.
Working principle:
Keep the spiral standing, calibrate vertical line, and fix it on a suitable place by iron stand and wood. Bring ores to the two feeding ports on the head of spiral chute by sand pump. Add water. Adjust the destiny of ore pulp. The ore pulp will fall down because of gravity. A type of centrifugal force will product during this process. The ore and sand will be divided because of different weights, sizes and granularities by the force of gravity and centrifugal force. Concentrate will flow out though tube. Tailings will flow into the tailings bucket and then be discharged out by a pipe.

Advantages:Inquiry > >

  1. The concentrates, middlings and tailings are separated at the tail end, and no washing water is added during the process.
  2. The spiral chute connected by the spiral piece is the main component.
  3. Its inner surface is covered by abrasion-resistant lining, which often refers to polyurethane wear-resistant rubber or epoxy resin mixed with artificial corundum.
  4. A wear-resistant layer of diabase powder is also added to the inner surface while fabricating the spiral chute.
  5. There are feeding evenness differentiator and feed chute at the upper end of the spiral chute, while the product intersecting chute, product gather bucket are at the tail end.
  6. The whole equipment is vertically supported by channel steel.

Technical Parameters:Inquiry > >

 Model Outsider Diamete
Pitch of screw
Rate Gradient
Num Of threads Num Of turns Max feed size
Mine density (mm) Capacity
DI2000 2000 1200 0.6 9 2-4 3.5 0.04-0.4 20-40 8-12 5,7 6-8
DI1500 1500 900 0.6 9 2-4 4 0.03-0.3 20-45 6-8 5,8  
DI1200 1200 720
0.6 9 2-4 4-5 0.03-0.3 30-50 4-6 2 5,23
LI900 900 540
9 2-3 4-5 0.03-0.3 30-50 2-3 1,2 3.2-4.2
LI600 600 390
0.4 9 1-2 4-5 0.02-0.2 30-50 0.8-12 0.5 2.6
LI400 400 180 0.45 9 1-2 4-5 0.02-0.2 30-50 0.5-0.2 0.25 1.3

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