Tower mill

Tower mill

Balls weight:9.9-159.3t
Feeding size:≤6mm
It is used in metallurgy,chemical industry,building materials,water conservancy,mining,construction industry,etc.


Tower mill is a kind of vertical mill. Kailide  brand tower mill is composed of vertical cylinder, spiral vane and driving device, etc. It is our newly designed equipment after optimizing all the technical data from home and abroad.

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  1. As high-efficiency crushing equipment, tower mill has the characteristic of reducing system power through strong extrusion and internal classification.
  2. Usually tower mill can save 50% energy. As mixing mill, the size is smaller than horizontal mill. Compared with other mixing mill, the tower mill rotates fast, and supporting equipment is little. The whole structure of tower mill is simple.
  3. According to internal extension, tower mill can dispose material into 74 - 10 μ m. If we adjust the number and particle of feeding material, tower mill can control the capacity and particle of final products. Tower mill rotates slowly, has high adaptive ability, lifespan and reliability, which is suited for fine products. Tower mill has two kinds of process, one is that we can add the rating system and constitutes the closed cycle, the other is open cycle that is from feeding part to final products. The above two processes are both simple and easy to operate.
  4.When tower mill is working, it can have physical absorption and chemical reaction. It has low noise, vibration and fever. Tower mill works very orderly, which reduces invalid collision, invalid power dissipation, noise, vibration, heat and has no cooling device. The proportion of tower mill is small and has no outer rotating part, and inside the machine it has only net weight, which the installation is simple, the time of installation is short, the safety is good and
  Compared with ball mills, tower mill has the below advantages.
  1.It is suited for super fine grinding
  2.The structure is simple, the floor area is small and it does not need super big installation, and it can save the installation cost.
  3.It has open and closed circle, and dry and wet process. Open grinding can obtain super fine product, which can cut the operation and process.
  4.Stable operation, light vibration, and low noise. Ball mill is about 95-100 decibel and tower mill is about 85 decibel.
  5.Grinding and leaching of the material can operate at the same time, which improves the benefits and simplifies the process
  6.Low power consumption
  The disadvantages of tower mill: the feeding material can not be big and is not suited for raw ore or coarse grinding. Otherwise, when the height of mills increases, the pressure of grinding medium and grinding efficiency will improve, but mixing part and wear of plate will become the problem, which will restrict large scale of tower mill.

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Model Balls weight
Feeding size
Output size
KLTM-200 9.9 ≤6 0.037-0.074 10-25 160 17.5
KLTM-300 21 ≤6 0.037-0.074 17-33 245 28.9
KLTM-500 49.9 ≤6 0.037-0.074 35-65 380 51.4
KLTM-800 79.2 ≤6 0.037-0.074 52-98 630 65.1
KLTM-1000 97 ≤6 0.037-0.074 70-130 800 75.1
KLTM-1500 159.3 ≤6 0.037-0.074 105-195 1250 97.2

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