Centrally-driven ball mill

Centrally-driven ball mill

It is mainly used in industries such as cement, coal separation, electricity generation, building materials and compound fertilizer.

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  1.Center transmission ball mill absorbs international experience, and adopts center transmission form. It has coherent structure, small floor area, good reliability and simple structure, which is easy to install, operate, and maintain, also has high efficiency and long lifespan.
  2.It adopts center rotation, has no pinion and gear, motor and reduction box. The rotating part and barrel are at the same axis. The barrel is supported by double spherical roller bearing. It is rolling friction between center hollow shaft and main shaft. The friction is small, and it can save consumption, work stably and operate stably.
  3.It adopts fluid coupling, the rotating efficiency is high, and it does not need gear and pinion, which reduces the quality and cost. The power of motor is low, compared with the same model of ball mills, and it can reduce 10.7%-40.5%.
  4.The bearings of center transmission ball mills is big type, and carrying capacity is higher than load. The lifespan of center transmission ball mill is higher than traditional mills.

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Type Speed
Balls' weight
Feeding size
Motor type Motor power
φ900×900 38 0.95 ≤25 0.22-1.07 Y160L-4 10 4.5
φ900×1800 38 1.80 ≤25 0.4-2 7200L2-4 15 5.5
φ900×3000 37.5 2.70 ≤25 0.8 Y225M-4 17 7.2
φ1200×2400 32 4.80 ≤25 1.4-2 Y280M-4 37 13.5
φ1200×4500 30 5.20 ≤25 1.4-3 Y280M-6 45 13.8
φ1500×1500 28.8 5 ≤25 1.4-3.5 Y315S-6 45 14
φ1500×3000 28.8 8 ≤25 2.5-4 JR125-6 75 17
φ1500×5700 28.8 12 ≤25 4-6 JR127-6 115 25
φ1830×3500 24.5 13 ≤25 4-8 JR138-6 160 30
φ1830×7000 24.5 21 ≤25 7-10 JR138-8 210 36
φ2100×3500 23.8 20 ≤25 4.5-3.3 QZM2135 185 37
φ2400×7000 21.4 24 ≤25 14-16 JRQ158-8 420 50

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