Europe type ball mill

Europe type ball mill

Europe type ball mill is a new type of ball mill that Henan Kailide  Machinery Co.,Ltd recently introduced. It is mainly used for raw materials or finished products’ grinding in cement, building materials, chemical, metallurgical industry.


It adopts bearing transmission, with German most advanced hard-teeth reduction gear and coupler, thus reduce vastly power consumption and make the machine startup more smoothly. Bearing lubrication adopts automatic oil supply system, the machine runs more smoothly. It adopts advanced special obstructing equipment in the chamber, during grinding process, required powder can be directly elected, reduces the repetitive grinding, thus improve sgrinding efficiency, achieves high production and low energy consumption , increases production by 15-20% than normal grinding mill, power consumption reduces by 30%.

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  1.Europe type ball mill adopts large diameter double roller bearings instead of traditional sliding bearings, which can reduce friction and energy consumption. It is easy to turn on the ball mill.
  2.Europe type ball mill keeps traditional cover structure form, has big feeding part and capacity.
  3.The feeder has joint feeder and drum feeder, simple structure and split installation.
  4.The machine has no inertial impaction and work stably, which reduces the stop time and improves the efficiency.

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Type Production capacity
Mill form
Form of
Reducer Weight
Speed ratio 
Φ2.2×7m   8-9 open circle
380 ZD70 5 54  
 Φ2.2×7.5m 10-11 open circle
380 ZD70 5 63  
Φ2.2×8m   10-12 open circle
380 ZD70 5 65  
 Φ2.2×9.5m 14-16 open circle
475 ZD70 5 70  
Φ2.4×10m 19-19 open circle
630 JR75 5.64 94.5 without motor
Φ2.4×11m 19-21 open circle
630 RZD80 6.3 99.2 without motor
Φ2.4×13m 21-23 open circle
800 MBY710 7.1 115.2 without motor
Φ2.6×13m 28-32 open circle
1000 MBY800 7.1 148  
Φ2.6×13m 28-32 open circle center 1000 MFY100 19.5 101.73  
Φ3.0×12m 32-35 open circle
1250 MBY900 7.1 168.6  
Φ3.0×13m 34-37 open circle
1400 MBY900 7.1 172.26  
Φ3.2×13m 45-50 open circle
1600 MBY1000 7.1 196.26  
Φ3.8×13m 60-62 open circle center 2500 MFY250 16.5 204  
Φ4.2×13m 85-87 open circle center 3530 JQS3550 15.6 254  

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