Mineral agitation barrel

Mineral agitation barrel

Internal size of trough/Height:1000-3000mm
Mineral agitation barrel is mainly used to mix slurry before flotation in the beneficiation process. It can mix drug and slurry completely. It is suitable to mix slurry with density smaller than 30 % (weight ratio) and size smaller than 1mm. This machine can increase reaction time and strengthen reaction quality of the drug.


Mineral agitation barrel  is the necessary equipment which mixes the drug and pulp to add the reaction time of chemical agent and strengthen drug reaction quality. It is suitable for ore dressing and all kinds of mixing operations in chemical industry. Mineral agitation barrel  is suitable for all kinds of metal ore, which is mainly used for mixing before flotation. It can make the pharmacy and slurry fully mixed, which can also be used for stirring other non-metallic minerals. Mixer is suitable for the material with not more than 30% concentration (by weight) and fixed components size less than 1mm. Due to the properties of mixer, it also can be called stirring tank, mineral mixing barrel and agitation vat.

Working principle:
When the machine work , by the rotation of the impeller, the pulp and pharmaceutical take circular motion , so that get mixed evenly in the whole tank ,and the mixed suspension liquid discharges from the overflow part.

Advantages:Inquiry > >

  1. Reasonable structure; good sealing; low rate of left dust.
  2. The pulp stirs well; the blender blade is fan-shaped, which enlarges its contact area with the agent.
  3. Spray head is designed with multi-rows and the water quantity is adjustable.
  4. Advanced design; reliable final product quality;it stirs well and discharges materials promptly.

Technical Parameters:Inquiry > >

Internal size of trough Effective volume   
Stirrer   Motor  Overall dimension  Weight
Rotation speed
 Model   Power 
Total height
 Max length 
1000 1000 0.58 240 530 Y100L-6 1.5 1665 1300 685
1500 1500 2.2 400 320 Y132S-6 3 2386 1600 861
2000 2000 5.6 550 230 Y132ml-6 4 3046 2381 1240
2500 2500 11.2 625 230 Y160M-6 7.5 3546 2881 3462
3000 3000 19.1 700 210 Y200L2-8 22 4325 3266 4296

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