Gold centrifugal concentrator

Gold centrifugal concentrator

Feeding Capacity:1-80t/h
Fluidization Water Required:1-25t/h
Gold centrifugal concentrator is known as centrifuge or centrifugal chute. Strong centrifugal force produced by high speed spin strengthens the process of gravity separation and effectively recover the ultrafine ore particles. Nowadays, centrifugal concentrator is widely used for the recovery of gold, tungsten, lead, manganese, iron, etc.


It is an efficient equipment for recovering free gold in all particle size ranges, specially for recovery of fine gold which is lost during the operation of the gravitational concentrators(sluice boxes and jigs). It can be used not only for placer gold mining, but also for hard rock mining to recover the natural gold, replacing amalgamation, and recover gold from the old tailings

The main component parts of Centrifugal gold concentrator is consisted with Concentrating Cone, Slurry Feeding Pipe, Secure Concentrate Plug, Tailing Discharge Pipe, Concentrate Discharge Pipe, Fluidization Water Valve and Water Inlet.

Working principle 
The motor works to transmit the v-belt, thus drive the shaft to make the equipment rotates at high speed. Through the ore feeding pipe,the equipment utilise the centrifugation to enhance the separation process.The concentrating minerals remain in the inner sleeve and discharge from the outlet after the equipment stops

Advantages:Inquiry > >

1)99% High Recovery Rate
2)Low Investment & High Income
3)Low Maintenance , Labor Saving & Easy Operation
4)Discharge directly & automatically
5)Small land coverage and high automation.

Technical Parameters:Inquiry > >

Feeding Capacity  T/H 1-2 2-3 10-20 30-40 50-80
Fluidization Water Required T/H 1-2 4-6 10-15 20-30 17-25
Pressure water Mpa 0.05-0.1 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.3
Feeding Density % 10-50 10-50 10-50 10-50 10-50
Feeding Size mm 0-4 0-4 0-5 0-6 0-6
Bowl Cone Rotation Speed r/min 800 600 480 400 360
Concentrate Weight Kg 2-3 10-20 25-40 45-60 70-80
Motor Power Requirements KW 0.75 1.5 4 11 18.5
Approximate Weight Kg 160 600 1400 2200 3700
Approximate Dimensions mm 940×700×1000 1200×1250×1250 1850×1550×1600 2000×1800×1900 2300×2000×2300

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