Fine sand recycling machine

Fine sand recycling machine

Production capacity:30-600m³/h
Recovery is widely used in the purification of fine sand mud, sand and gravel aggregates recycling issues hydropower systems, glass raw materials processing systems.


Fine sand recycling machine is a fine sand extraction device which designed by absorbing foreign advanced technology according to the features of sand powder. It is formed by motor, slurry pump, cyclone ZKR linear vibrating screen, purge tank, refeed bin,etc. This machine is widely used in hydropower station sand aggregate processing system, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand production line, coarse coal slime recovery of coal preparation plant, concentrator tailings recycling and environmental protection engineering (mud purification) and so on, which can effectively solve the problem of fine sand recycling. 

Working principle
The working process is as follows: sand and water mixture is sent to the hydrocyclones by slurry pump, fine sand concentrated by centrifugal grading enrichment process goes to virbrating screen through underflow exit. After dehydration, fine sand separates from water, a little sand and mud goes back to the purge tank via refeed bin and when the liquid is at a high level, it overflows to the outlet. Material wight concentration recycled by linear vibrating screen is 70%-85%. The fineness can be adjusted by changing the pump revolving speed, mortar, water volume and the size of sand outlet mouth. So that to complete the three process of washing, dehydrating and grading.

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  1.Vibrating screen adopts Polyurethane screen mesh, which has long lifetime and is not easy to block up the hole.
  2.The inner part of swirler has polyurethane, which improves the lifetime of whole equipment, and finish slurry concentrator and fluide clarifiant.
  3.Fine sand recovery system can recover 85% of the whole fine particle, and has technological and economical advantages.
  4.The fine particle can recover abundantly and reduce the work of settling pond and lower the cost of clearing the pond.
  5.Fine sand recovery system can lower time of natural settling sand and provide the market.
  6.We can design the project according to the customer’s need.
Fine sand recycling machine

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Model Cyclone
Pump Dewatering screen Weight
Power(kw) Size(inch) Model Area(㎡) Power(kw)
KLD-06-300 300 30-80 11kw 2.5'' 06x2.25 1.35 2x1 3945
KLD-08-300 300 40-100 15kw 3'' 08x2.25 1.8 2x1.5 4200
KLD-10-350 350 70-130 18.5kw 3'' 10x2.25 .25 2x1.5 4900
KLD-12-550 550 100-220 22kw 4'' 12x3.0 3.6 2x3.0 7515
KLD-12-650 650 120-272 30kw 5'' 12x3.0 3.6 2x3.0 7833
KLD-14-750 750 180-350 37kw 6'' 14x3.0 4.2 2x3.0 9610
KLD-14-750Ⅱ 750 230-430 45kw 6'' 14x3.75 5.25 2x5.5 11850
KLD-16-900 900 250-500 55kw 8'' 16x3.75 5.25 2x5.5 14300
KLD--16-650 2*650 300-500 55kw 10'' 18x3.75 6.00 2x5.5 16700
KLD-18-750 2*750 400-600 75kw 10'' 18x3.75 6.75 2x7.5 19680

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