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Example of foreign carbon in pulp plant - American Golden Su

2020-11-20 10:55

Introduction:Example of foreign c arbon in pulp plant - American Golden Sunlight gold mine carbon in pulp plant The production scale of the plant is 5000 ~ 6000t/d, the ore contains more Fe and Cu, contains 1.8g/t gold , and the cutoff grade is1.0g/t,

Example of foreign carbon in pulp plant - American Golden Sunlight gold mine carbon in pulp plant

The production scale of the plant is 5000 ~ 6000t/d, the ore contains more Fe and Cu, contains 1.8g/t gold , and the cut off grade is 1.0g/t , if  the ore grade lower than 1.0g/t,heap leaching will be used
1. Technological process.As shown in figure 9.1- 3.
2. Crushing.Adopt three - section one - circuit flow.Gyratory crusher for coarse crushing, standard cone crusher for medium crushing, short head cone crusher for fine crushing.Size of crushing product -19mm.
3. Grinding .Two sections of a closed circuit.Thick grinding with rod mill, fine grinding with ball mill, using four ses Φ 660 mm hydrocyclone classification.Grinding fineness 75% -147 μm(-100 mesh).
4. Carbon in pulp.Because the mine uses tailing backwater, about 10% of gold has been dissolved in the grinding circuit, so the mine process is coexisted with the carbon column process and the carbon in pulp process.The carbon column process is five-stage adsorption, and the barren solution is recycled.The carbon in pulp process is also slightly different from that of general carbon in pulp process, first, two leaching series with five stages each,the slurry concentration is 50%, cyanide dosage is 1.7kg/t, and leaching time is 48 hours.Then, it goes through 5 sections of counter-current washing (with hydrocyclone), and the washed sediment is discharged to the tailings pond, and the overflow enters into efficient thickener for dehydration, and the overflow of the thickener is fed into the carbon column loop, while the sediment is fed into 6 sections of CIP process, and the CIP tailings are discharged to the tailings pond.
The recovery rate of the carbon in pulp plant is not very high, only about 80%, for the following two reasons:
1. The symbiosis of fine gold in ore and copper ore (chalcopyrite) makes it difficult to separate.
2, leaching operation in outdoor, the winter temperature is too low (2 ℃), with a greater influence on the leaching rate, compared with summer, leaching rate differs by about 10%
The activated carbon was Calgon6 x 16 mesh coconut shell carbon.The carbon adsorption time of CIP system was 8 ~ 10 hours and the carbon column system was 10min.Both systems have a gold - loaded grade of 3000g/t.
Desorption.Use pressure desorption.Desorption temperature 115 ℃, desorption pressure 0.42 MPa, desorption solution 1% NaOH
electrodeposition.And it constitute a closed circuit with desorption operations
Smelting.Two period of smelting
The carbon pulp plant produces 200 taels gold per day, and other technical parameters are shown in table 9.1-3.
Table 9.1-3 technical data of Golden Sunlight carbon in pulp plant

Gold content /g∙t-1
Leaching feed /g∙t-1                        1.60
No.1 washing cyclone overflow        0.53
No.1 washing cyclone underflow      0.53
No.5 Washing cyclone overflow       0.038         
No.5 Washing cyclone underflow     0.038
   Cyclone washing water               0.034
CIP feeding pulp(solid)                  0.52
CIP feeding pulp(solution)         0.40
 CIP tailings                                 0.37                             
CIP  tailing solution                       0.02          
Carbon concentration /g∙L-1             15
Recovery of dissolved gold /%
 Carbon adsorption column              95             
CIP system                                    95
Solution velocity /m3∙min-1                          
Traveling carbon column solution       11.6
Traveling desorption column solution   0.2
Desorption solution:
NaOH/%                                       1.0
temperature /℃                              115
Average desorption time /h               48
Trough voltage /V                           2.5
Trough current /A                           250
Current efficiency /%                    15~20
steel wool cathode number /set          8
Each cathode steel wool weight /kg    0.45

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